U13 Boys Fall Recap


This season the U13 boys have grown in unity. The focus of the team has been growing as family. Family for the U13 team means that when they take a water break, they go together and come back together, when they do fitness, it's together, when they win or lose, they are together. The team is a diverse group of boys. The diversity of team is in ethnicity, personalty and soccer ability: yet those differences do not divide but make the unity more significant.

The U13s are coached by a Juan, Jake, Bob, and Mallard, here's Coach Mallard's highlights for the fall.

Why did you start coaching: I enjoy soccer and get to hang out with kids.

What are the strengths of team: Unity.

What is the spiritual emphasis for season: Love one another because we are family.

What has been a cool story/moment: My team won their first game in two seasons.

Coach's Corner: Nicole & Lauren

Team: Lady Eagles U16


Who: Nicole Medeiros

Why: As a coach I think it is important to develop these kids not only as players, but as people as well. I have a responsibility as their coach to allow them the opportunity to get to know the game of soccer and hopefully have an experience that makes them want to continue in the sport. It should be a place for them to learn different skills, have fun, and see the importance of a team atmosphere. It has been said that a coach can have a huge impact on a child’s life because outside of parents coaches/teachers spend the most time with them. I want to be a positive impact on the kids who play for me and show them who Jesus Christ is through how I live my life and how I act. I want them to feel safe and cared for as individuals but also to know that they can have a personal relationship with a God who loves them and created them to be in community with Him. 

Who: Lauren Cleope

Why: The world's greatest sport.  The beautiful game.  I had known for a very long time that I could never fully give up soccer.  My playing career shifted to a coaching career.  Some of the most influential people in my life have been coaches.  They impact of my coaches throughout my life have shaped me to who I am today.  But not only my coaches, but Jesus.  He took something so competitive and fun and made a platform for me.  Not just to perform and play competitively or even coach, but to use to give Him the glory each day.  I coach because I have been given a gift.  I get to train girls in the sport of soccer and watch them develop as players, but also, I get to do life with them.  I get to walk along side of them in the different seasons of life.  I want my girls to grow in soccer but also in their character and in their walk with Jesus.  If I can be even the slightest example for that, then it's all worth it.  A team is family.  Everyone wants to belong and feel cared for.  This is what I want for my U16 girls.  A family they can come to with whatever they are going through and we can all deal with it together.  And to think that we became family because we all like to kick around a soccer ball.  Now what could be better?

Strengths of Team: Perseverance, coachability, and respect for each other

Spiritual emphasis for season: Giving Glory to God & exploring some core topics that relate to sport and real life (identity, motivation, competition)

Connor & Regina: Summer Academy Highlights

Why should you apply for CESA 18? Don't just take our word for it, hear Connor and Regina's why! 

CONNOR is a senior goalkeeper at John Brown University from Colorado and has participated in two previous Summer Academies. He hopes to be involved in Sports Ministry post graduation.

What was the most helpful thing you experienced during Eagles? The SMT (Sports Ministry Training) sessions. They have really showed me how to truly use soccer as ministry as a coach or player. Playing for Christ and being able to glorify him through this game has become incredibly important to me, whether in the summer or on my college team. The SMT sessions have taught me how to do this every time I play while dealing with the ups and downs that come with soccer

What is a post Academy challenge?  For me, is not being around other Eagles throughout the school year. I would love to have someone or people around to continue to discuss these things with and hold each other accountable. I find often that I just really want to talk about the summer, but the people around me don't exactly understand because they don't have the same experiences.

What was your favorite part of your Academy experience? The international tour is definitely my favorite part of the summer. I would do tour for the whole summer if that was a possibility. I would absolutely recommend doing the summer academy to anyone.

Why should you come to the Academy? As cheesy as it may sound, it really was very life-changing. The academy is such an incredible environment for growth and learning that it's hard to not feel some sort of change for the rest of your life.

REGINA is a senior defender at Mount Vernon Nazarene University from Cleveland, OH.  She has participated in the Summer Academy in 2015 and 2017.  

What was the most helpful thing you experienced during Eagles? I've found the practiced spiritual disciplines incredibly helpful. One of the most impactful SMT sessions was in Moody. We were asked if we were comfortable with our prayer life, and I realized I wasn't; I'm still not. But it encouraged me to seek after the Lord even more through prayer.

What is your favorite part of Academy? And why should you come to the Academy? My favorite part of the academy was the community. There is a wholeness and a homeliness at Eagles that is unmatched, and I would definitely recommend the Academy because its a place of growth and renewal in the Lord.

Team Talks: U15 Boys

The Chicago Eagles Boys 03s are having a tough season if you just look at our record. However, this team is growing in many ways that are more long lasting and life impacting than just the game of soccer. Although growth is at times uncomfortable or painful to experience; small or large, growth is an awesome thing to see come to fruition.

The 03s are a mix of several very talented players, several players who are new to the game, and a mix of Eagle veterans and players who are new to the Eagles. The team is also extremely culturally diverse with 6 different nationalities represented. As team, they are learning the importance of coming together to work for and with each other to see success on the field. We are learning that to be successful as young men in the game of soccer and beyond, we must be a unified force looking out for the good of each other. 

We are learning and growing together, players, coaches, and as a club. 

Prayer requests: For continued growth in team unity, focus at practice, for players to honor their commitment to being at practice and games.  

Please also pray for Coach Sam, Coach Nick, and Coach Ethan as they work with this group of young men. 



CESA 2018 Application is LIVE!

Summer Academy 2018 is coming up quickly! APPLY NOW!


1.) Complete the Summer Academy application.

CESA18 Application

CESA18 Veterans Application (no references needed)

2.) Secure two references – one from your coach and one from a ministry leader / pastor. 

CESA18 Coaches Reference

CESA18 Pastor/Ministry Leader Reference

3.) Once we have received those three forms, we will contact you to arrange a phone interview.

If selected, you will be notified within a few days following the phone interview. Once selected, you will receive information to assist in your preparation for the Summer Academy. 


The Summer Academy provides a tremendous opportunity for college students to fulfill a variety of requirements for their academic majors. Eagles’ staff work with college advisors to ensure all requirements are fulfilled during our two-month program.
Some of the areas of study -Urban Ministries, Youth Ministries, Sports Administration, Business, Christian Education, Sports Ministry, Accounting (yes, Accounting!), Graphic Design.

For more information, please contact the following:

Rick McKinley (Senior Director / Summer Academy Director)
(630) 235-2242 or rick@chicagoeagles.com

Leandro Medeiros (Chicago Office Director)
(630) 380-4456 or

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Team Talks: U14 Girls

This fall season, more than half of our girls are new to the Chicago Eagles and new to soccer.  They are very talkative and get along well, which is awesome to see.  Every Tuesday, we have our team Bible study.  We spend time sharing our testimonies with each other.  That has been powerful! As the season progresses, we will be going through the book “Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth that sets them Free.”  I am most excited to speak biblical truth into these girls' lives as they are going through the struggles and trials of being a middle school girls.    ~Coach Ashley

Prayer Requests: Wisdom for Ashley as a coach and what the best way to teach and instruct the girls about the sport of soccer and bring unity to the team.


Coach's Corner: Jean & Elliot

The Coach's Corner is a way for you to get to know our coaching staff and find out a little bit more about the teams they coach! Keep reading to find out why Coach Jean and Coach ET love working with our u11 boy's team. 

Who: Jean De Souza

Who Do You Coach: U11 boys

Why: They are young, coachable, and excited to learn about soccer and be a part of the team. 

Strengths of team: The boys are high energy and always find a way to have a fun time at practices and games.

Spiritual emphasis for season: We are learning about Jesus' parables. 

Cool story/moment: A few weeks ago while visiting my players and their families in the Urban Ministry neighborhood, I had the privilege of being invited to join a family for dinner. I was so happy and thankful that the family blessed me with a seat at their table and shared a meal with me. At dinner gathered around the table, we all had the chance to get to know each other better.  

Who: Elliot Thompson (Coach ET)

Who Do You Coach:  U11 boys

Why: I feel as if this is the age where they can start to understand the game and coaching points. You can see individual technical improvements really quickly. You also get to watch their understanding of the game improve and grow.

Strengths of team: We saw drastic improvements from the first to the sixth practice. This team is fun and very coachable. They truly have a love for the game of soccer!

Spiritual emphasis for season: The Parables of Jesus. 

Cool story/moment: When I first told them to call me ET, they started combining as many different letters as they could think of and called me anything from: BE, EJ, JC, EB, and many more... They are a good group of young men and I am excited walk with them through this season. 

Micro League Fall 2017

Yesterday was the kickoff of Micro League for the fall.  The fun has begun!  And we had a record number of kids join us, 57 kids!  And if your kid was not there, they can still join us!

Click HERE to register online!

Who: Kindergarten-5th Grade

Where: Wegner Elementary School (1180 Marcella Lane, West Chicago, IL 60185)

When: Mondays & Wednesdays, September 6th-October 11

Time: 5:30-6:30pm 

Cost: $30 per player for the 6 week session, includes a Eagles T-shirt

Tournament: October 14th at Wheaton Academy