Coach's Corner: Nicole & Lauren

Team: Lady Eagles U16


Who: Nicole Medeiros

Why: As a coach I think it is important to develop these kids not only as players, but as people as well. I have a responsibility as their coach to allow them the opportunity to get to know the game of soccer and hopefully have an experience that makes them want to continue in the sport. It should be a place for them to learn different skills, have fun, and see the importance of a team atmosphere. It has been said that a coach can have a huge impact on a child’s life because outside of parents coaches/teachers spend the most time with them. I want to be a positive impact on the kids who play for me and show them who Jesus Christ is through how I live my life and how I act. I want them to feel safe and cared for as individuals but also to know that they can have a personal relationship with a God who loves them and created them to be in community with Him. 

Who: Lauren Cleope

Why: The world's greatest sport.  The beautiful game.  I had known for a very long time that I could never fully give up soccer.  My playing career shifted to a coaching career.  Some of the most influential people in my life have been coaches.  They impact of my coaches throughout my life have shaped me to who I am today.  But not only my coaches, but Jesus.  He took something so competitive and fun and made a platform for me.  Not just to perform and play competitively or even coach, but to use to give Him the glory each day.  I coach because I have been given a gift.  I get to train girls in the sport of soccer and watch them develop as players, but also, I get to do life with them.  I get to walk along side of them in the different seasons of life.  I want my girls to grow in soccer but also in their character and in their walk with Jesus.  If I can be even the slightest example for that, then it's all worth it.  A team is family.  Everyone wants to belong and feel cared for.  This is what I want for my U16 girls.  A family they can come to with whatever they are going through and we can all deal with it together.  And to think that we became family because we all like to kick around a soccer ball.  Now what could be better?

Strengths of Team: Perseverance, coachability, and respect for each other

Spiritual emphasis for season: Giving Glory to God & exploring some core topics that relate to sport and real life (identity, motivation, competition)