Connor & Regina: Summer Academy Highlights

Why should you apply for CESA 18? Don't just take our word for it, hear Connor and Regina's why! 

CONNOR is a senior goalkeeper at John Brown University from Colorado and has participated in two previous Summer Academies. He hopes to be involved in Sports Ministry post graduation.

What was the most helpful thing you experienced during Eagles? The SMT (Sports Ministry Training) sessions. They have really showed me how to truly use soccer as ministry as a coach or player. Playing for Christ and being able to glorify him through this game has become incredibly important to me, whether in the summer or on my college team. The SMT sessions have taught me how to do this every time I play while dealing with the ups and downs that come with soccer

What is a post Academy challenge?  For me, is not being around other Eagles throughout the school year. I would love to have someone or people around to continue to discuss these things with and hold each other accountable. I find often that I just really want to talk about the summer, but the people around me don't exactly understand because they don't have the same experiences.

What was your favorite part of your Academy experience? The international tour is definitely my favorite part of the summer. I would do tour for the whole summer if that was a possibility. I would absolutely recommend doing the summer academy to anyone.

Why should you come to the Academy? As cheesy as it may sound, it really was very life-changing. The academy is such an incredible environment for growth and learning that it's hard to not feel some sort of change for the rest of your life.

REGINA is a senior defender at Mount Vernon Nazarene University from Cleveland, OH.  She has participated in the Summer Academy in 2015 and 2017.  

What was the most helpful thing you experienced during Eagles? I've found the practiced spiritual disciplines incredibly helpful. One of the most impactful SMT sessions was in Moody. We were asked if we were comfortable with our prayer life, and I realized I wasn't; I'm still not. But it encouraged me to seek after the Lord even more through prayer.

What is your favorite part of Academy? And why should you come to the Academy? My favorite part of the academy was the community. There is a wholeness and a homeliness at Eagles that is unmatched, and I would definitely recommend the Academy because its a place of growth and renewal in the Lord.