U13 Boys Fall Recap


This season the U13 boys have grown in unity. The focus of the team has been growing as family. Family for the U13 team means that when they take a water break, they go together and come back together, when they do fitness, it's together, when they win or lose, they are together. The team is a diverse group of boys. The diversity of team is in ethnicity, personalty and soccer ability: yet those differences do not divide but make the unity more significant.

The U13s are coached by a Juan, Jake, Bob, and Mallard, here's Coach Mallard's highlights for the fall.

Why did you start coaching: I enjoy soccer and get to hang out with kids.

What are the strengths of team: Unity.

What is the spiritual emphasis for season: Love one another because we are family.

What has been a cool story/moment: My team won their first game in two seasons.