Coach's Corner: Jean & Elliot

The Coach's Corner is a way for you to get to know our coaching staff and find out a little bit more about the teams they coach! Keep reading to find out why Coach Jean and Coach ET love working with our u11 boy's team. 

Who: Jean De Souza

Who Do You Coach: U11 boys

Why: They are young, coachable, and excited to learn about soccer and be a part of the team. 

Strengths of team: The boys are high energy and always find a way to have a fun time at practices and games.

Spiritual emphasis for season: We are learning about Jesus' parables. 

Cool story/moment: A few weeks ago while visiting my players and their families in the Urban Ministry neighborhood, I had the privilege of being invited to join a family for dinner. I was so happy and thankful that the family blessed me with a seat at their table and shared a meal with me. At dinner gathered around the table, we all had the chance to get to know each other better.  

Who: Elliot Thompson (Coach ET)

Who Do You Coach:  U11 boys

Why: I feel as if this is the age where they can start to understand the game and coaching points. You can see individual technical improvements really quickly. You also get to watch their understanding of the game improve and grow.

Strengths of team: We saw drastic improvements from the first to the sixth practice. This team is fun and very coachable. They truly have a love for the game of soccer!

Spiritual emphasis for season: The Parables of Jesus. 

Cool story/moment: When I first told them to call me ET, they started combining as many different letters as they could think of and called me anything from: BE, EJ, JC, EB, and many more... They are a good group of young men and I am excited walk with them through this season.