Fall Micro League 2018

“Micro League was a blast this fall. We had an average of 50 players every session, which made it our most successful Micro League yet. Many of our neighborhood kids came out to kick around with each other, but we also had some fresh new faces who experienced and interacted with the Chicago Eagles for the first time.  Each week, the kids learned about what it means to be an Eagles soccer player.  Eagles… are committed, are family, strive for excellence, want to grow, and have joy.  And what a joy it was to watch these kids develop their soccer skills and learn a different Bible theme each week. Every Micro League season ends with a fun tournament.  We had about 130 players and their families come out for the tournament.  There were a lot of kids from the neighborhood, but we also invited a few outside teams to come play too.  To end the tournament, Renewal Church provided food for all the players and families, which included delicious tacos and hotdogs. They love the Chicago Eagles ministry and vision for the community and youth soccer players.  Micro League is a huge highlight of the year for our younger players.  Parents already wanted to sign their kids up for our Spring Micro League.  We cannot wait to start up again this spring!” ~Micro Director Owen