Team Highlight: U14 Girls

“This team has become one sweet família!! The fourteen girls on our roster (& a new fantastic assistant coach) are developing more than just soccer skills this season, and it is one of the most beautiful things to watch!! We are seeing these  girls taking leadership in practices, asking to pray before the game, after the game, and even at halftime, and developing a togetherness that causes them to care for each other on and off the field. We hear meaningful encouragement being spoken amongst them, we saw two girls, who were once rivals, asking to be partners in practice, and we saw the whole team celebrating their teammate for her birthday. Their contagious joy and spontaneity keeps us on our toes and has been a source of many laughs!! We’ve seen big wins in their character, and wins on the field with their footwork, passing, teamwork, and even some stellar upper 90s and ninja like goalie saves! Continue to pray for the love of Christ to transform each individual heart and wisdom for us coaches in how to beat coach these young girls!”

~Coach Ashley