The Chicago Eagles Sports Ministry Residency is a 12-14-month live-in training experience designed to prepare ministry-minded athletes and coaches. During the residency, our hope is that residents will grow spiritually and that their time here will increase their vision, knowledge and ability.

To accomplish this, residents will shadow an experienced sports minister in their day to day responsibilities, will study content specific teachings, and will engage in practical ministry experiences; all within the confines of an authentic, team community.

This time of study and active participation in our soccer ministry offers the Resident an opportunity to evaluate their call and vocation. It is not designed to “fill a ministry hole” within one of MAI's programs. Our aim is to serve and train residents so that they may be best equipped as sports ministers. 

While all residents are exposed to the big picture and integration of M.A.I.  ministries, in Chicago, residents may chose to focus their experience in the following ministry areas:

As a result of this Residency, you should:

o Gain insight into your call/vocation.

o Learn principles and effective practices of sports ministry.

o Obtain experience in department specific sports ministry.

o Cultivate capabilities of Discipleship

For more information about the Residency, or to apply, contact Leandro Medeiros at